Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little EB

Ya'll, last night I got to sit for my little nannyfriend while her parents went on a date.
I start full-time TOMORROW.

It still seems fake that I get to snuggle a baby all day for a JOB. I get PAID to snuggle. I think onetime I had a facebook status update about how I should major in snuggling. And now I get to DOIT. It just seems unreal and too good to be true.

I was talking to her mom yesterday when they got back about how I got SO SLEEPY rocking her to sleep and she was like, dude, so do I! Take a nap! I do! Baha.

I love my bosses.

On another note: I have not gone completely insane. I still do not like any other version of Stargate (SG-1 or Atlantis) as is evidenced by me BEGGING David to turn it off all the freaking time. SGU is just more of a drama than a sci-fi show. In fact, Aliens were only on the show like 1 episode the whole season!

Also: I am starting my NEW LIFE tomorrow. We are going to wake up early, eat breakfast together, do our scritpure study and morning prayer, then I will go to work, eat well, do a ton of homework (I am going to try to finish my math class in 2 months, vs 3 1/2), then come home, make a delicious and nutritious dinner, then go to bed at a decent hour. I am excited to try and be better about all the things I am bad at, and think that having a set schedule will REALLY help. I am going to see how this goes for the next month, then maybe try to throw in a work-out video during the day while little EB is sleepin'. After I finish all my classes I will have a ton of free time, and will have to figure out some way to fill it, other than snuggling that little baby.

The End.

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