Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Update #1

Lets start at the start, which is always the best place to start.
Once upon a time I fell flat on my face into the lattice fence in the backyard. This is what resulted. Please note the part by my eye that is also scraped, proving it was, in fact, a lattaice shape. I'm so freaking clumsy, ya'll. Its redic. This was before my grandma died, because it was while we were living the guest room out back, instead of in her house, because the path out to there is very treachrous and dangerous (read: it is a rock path that is a tad bit uneven, which would be fine for most people not me) This timeline should tell you just how far behind I am in uploading pictures : 6+ months!
David and I enjoy making our noses black-head free together. The couple that is redic together, stays together, right? RIGHT!

We were going somewhere in this picture, I wish I could remember what. It was maybe our anniversary. . . . But I have no idea for sure.

This one time I went with David to a Build-A-Bear party at some daycare and he was bearamy. Adorable.

And thats just THIS posts pictures. I have ones coming up of our bathroom (it has to be seen to be belivied) and of awesome food I have been making, and of random goings-ons of the Couple Allen over the past few months that have been photographized.

Tonight instead of going to the Trunk-Or-Treat with David (who was supposed to be working! which is why I didn't go in the first place!) I babysat the twins. They got huge - why do kids do that? Insist on growing and stuff? LAME. Anyways, it was fun and I missed them, so I think I'll have to start hanging out with them more.

I should be in bed now. . . so I'm going.

The End.

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