Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Weekend

So this weekend was so awesome. Seriously.

Friday night we ended up staying at EB's house till 8 or so because her Mom's flight kept getting delayed. Our friends Jamie and Alex came over for chips and guac and we chatted and snuggled on EB whilst waiting. After EB's Mom got home, we went to Tacos Y Mas, which is a delicious ghetto taco stand of awesome, which is attached to a Car Wash.

Saturday, while David was at work, I went and saw my friend Christina who had her baby 2 weeks ago. I got to love on that baby for a few hours while we chatted and got Donuts, so a very sucessful morning.
After David got off work, we went to TJ max to procure some jeans, and ended up getting 2 rangers shirts a piece, some jeans for him, a couple of shirts for him, and an awesome striped shirt for me! AND! We found him a new watch for less than half the price it sells for. We lost his wedding watch a few months ago, so this is a replacement. It was very exciting. I love TJ max. :-)
THEN we went over to our friends Cami and Mike's house and went out to get Sushi. It was SO delish and the sushi chef was the most adorable man ever. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. Then we went back to their casa and watched a movie and then youtubed some a very potter musical and watched an episode of 30 rock on Hulu. YAY!

Sunday was a great day too! We went to church, found out we are moving to 1:00 church in Jan (YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!), then came home and took a nap. Its the first Sunday nap we have taken in MONTHS. It was amazing. Then we ate dinner with my parents, and then went over to The Haw's house to hang out and Tracy made us some french toast! :-) We stayed too late, but it was way fun to chat with Tracy and listen to her kids say their prayers (oh my gosh. I wish I had a video of it. It was SO funny!).

It was just fun to actually go out and do stuff. Yes, we hung out with pretty much our entire stock of friends in 1 weekend (what can I say, we have not many friends, but they are high quality!), but man. It was just so much fun!

The End.

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