Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've been meaning to update more often. . . I even have post ideas allready all done and everything. Sorry! Here are some pictures from. .  .I have no clue when but like more than 2 months ago.
PASTA! I decided to make bowtie pasta on a whim one night. Its not that hard, but next time I would roll it a little bit thinner.

The finished product - you can see how thick the pasta was, but the sauce was delish!

I made these chocolate pretzels for the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) roll -out at Build-A-Bear. They mirrored the animals released, and were pretty darn cute.

We had a fondue night one night because I really wanted to. The broth had too much seasoning, so never trust a random recipie you get on the internet. :-) It was pretty delish, tho. I love food!!!

I got a new phone this week curtosey of my bosses. Its my "company phone". . ie for sending them pics of EB when they are out of town. I am getting a "company card" soon and told them all I need is a company car and I will be set! :-) David and I are spending the night tomorrow and are excited for another PJ party!

Okay, time to try and peel David away from the Angry Birds game on my new phone! (Thanks a lot, Marie!)

The End.

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Mar said...

I played angry birds for an hour today on the subway.