Monday, December 6, 2010

Best Suprise Ever

David got a call today from El Centro. The Nursing program had a last minute cancellation for the program starting in January.

This means that 2 years from now, David will be. . . . . 


We are both freaking out and really really excited, because it speeds up every thing else he is going to do school wise by YEARS, because of the timing he will be able to start his BSN and graduate degrees.

The best news?

I have the smartest, hardest working husband ever, who got into an awesome nursing program to have an awesome profession that he will love!



Aaron and Julie said...

congrats!! that is sososos exciting

Stephanie J. Hoyt said...

Oh my heck!!! Sweeeeeet!! That is awesome! Congrats!...And I can't think of anymore awesome congratulatory words/phrases...but I'm so happy for you guys!

Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

Wow I didn't know that David wanted to be a murse! That is what Jacob is! He graduated from BYU and is working in an ICU right now. Congrats David! Get ready for some fun work in the next few years!

Net said...

Wow - that is really big news! Holy cow, Congratulations!!