Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Boy

Hi friends, sorry for the lack of update-age. I am tired and have been super busy and David is Ditto.

David had his nursing orientation on Monday. He will be doing his clinicals at the VA in Dallas next semester, which is great b/c its where he wants to work when he is done (if he can get an ICU position there, if not, then, well, not so much).  He also has to figure out some way to get all his TWENTY-FOUR books to class, and he is voting an iPad. I might give in, but only because I am a very nice wifey, and I may or may not have promised him one for his Birthday. Anyways, he is still excited for the program, and to be a Nurse. He is REALLY hoping that he can work out his schedule with school and Gymboree, because he freaking loves it there. We'll see. My bosses said they are going to hire him as the pet nanny. Hahaha.

We leave for Utah tomorrow. We are driving to NM tomorrow night, St. George Friday (to see my g-rents) and up to Clinton on Saturday, which is where we will spend the remainder of the trip with his fam. We are prob going to make it down to Provo for an afternoon, so if you want a visit, let me know.

I have baked like A BILLION cookies for my boss in the past 2 days. With a billion more to go.

I made a huge cake this weekend. It weighed at least 50 pounds. It was freaking massive, and redic. I'll put some pictures on at some point.

EB is freaking adorable, and is getting huge. I want her to JUST STAY LITTLE. Oy. Also: mini rant: I don't see why everyone says that me being a Nanny is SOOOOO different from me being a Mom. Because it totally isn't. Except if I were EB's mom I wouldn't have to drive so freaking much every day to and from her house, therefore having more time to look presentable every day. And I just think being a Mom would be awesome and wonderful, and am excited for the day when the time is right for me to rock it. I am totally going to be one of those annoying SAHM's who is like: My children are such a blessing and I am so blessed and blessyed-bless-bless-blessed. And EVERYONE will hate me. I just think I will be pretty good at it, is all. I can do laundry whilst caring for a child and having cookies in the oven and also do blog posts pretty much all at the same time. The point of this whole paragraph is to say: I'm awesome. Kthanks.

The End.

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