Monday, January 10, 2011

Drugs. . .

I had a terrible headache today. Then I took some tylenol, and now I feel much better!
Also: my bosses had roast yesterday and I got some for lunch today! It was delish!
And we are going over to a friends house for dinner! Score for free food!

I went and worked out this morning. Only 20 minutes on the elliptical/stair-stepper hybrid thing, but 20 minutes is better than nothing, and maybe tomorrow I can make it 30 if I actually get up when my alarm goes off instead of waiting 10 minutes. I think I am going to actually work out more, because I am not going to hold myself to the hour standard. It just won't ever happen because I won't ever get up that early. On Saturdays, I'll do at least an hour, but not on weekdays, esp when we have stuff going on in the evening. Its just too hard to wake up early (5:30 is a LOT earlier than 6), work all day, then go be social at night. Also: being social means I can't go do a group x class at the gym at night.

Anyways. We are trying to wean EB from her swaddle, then her sleep positioner, then her bink. Its going to be a rough month or so. At least we are doing it little by little. Actually, we should just do it all cold turkey, but that would mean a few nights of hell, sleep wise, and I like my bosses well rested and happy! :-)

The End.

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Rachel Bendtsen said...

Way to go for working out! I need to get out more. It's excited following your blog! Thanks for the update!