Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Childrens Names

So, we aren't having kids anytime soon, but to excite you all for that happy day in the future, I present to you, our children's names:

First Name: Addison. We also like Annabelle, but we like Addison more.
Middle Name: TBD. I like Belle, but ovbs is we name her Annabelle that won't work.
Last Name: Allen
Nick Name: Addie (or Anna)

First Name: Asher
Middle Name: Blackner
Last Name: Allen
Nick Name: Ash, as in Ash from Pokemon. Yepp. What up.

Boy 2 (this if if we have 2 boys. we fully plan of having eaither 2 boys or a boy and a girl, but not 2 girls. just fyi, because we can totally control that kind of thing.)
First Name: George
Middle Name: David
Last Name: Allen
Nick Name: Jorge (THIS IS A JOKE. The biggest fight David and I have ever gotten into is over naming our child George and him calling him Jorge.And at this time I actually have no second name at all that I like for a boy who shall be birthed out my lady parts, so yeah. This is just for David to laugh at when he gets up in the morning)

Also, David wants Asher's middle name to be Albus, but thats just TOO much A going on.

Fun Fact: I hate names with y's or g's or j's or p's because: THEY GO BELOW THE LINE. Look at my awesome name: Sabrina Noel Blackner Allen. See how all the letters stay neatly above the line? Look at David's not so awesome name: David Philip Allen. See how that P goes under the line? It bugs me, and becuase of that we automatically knock out like half of the names in existance, which is good because it gives us less choices. And I say this because we refuse to spell a name wrong. Like Ashley. It should be spelled with a y, as annoying at is is. Not Ashhleigh. ANNOYING ALERT. That poor child is going to have a terrible life. Good job parents. Lets stop trying to be creative and just spell our children's name the normal, correct way. Making them have a stupidly spelled name is setting them up for FAILURE in future life. Also, don't spell your kids name a normal way, and then pronounce it wrong. This is also a parenting FAIL.

The End.

You heard it here first.

The End.

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Cali said...

I really want to give you a high five or a fist bump or something like that for what you said about spelling names unusually. It's so annoying!

Those are some really cute names you guys have picked out. The names I like don't go below the line either. But it wasn't on purpose.