Saturday, January 15, 2011


Work has been really busy this week. Lots of errands and being out of the house, and not having time for posting on my blog. Woe is me! (up there is a picture of the flowers my boss got me for my one-week work-i-versary, which was like 4 months ago. Yeah, my job is SOOO terrible)

Anyways, our lives are not very interesting these days. We both go to work, come home, eat food, then crash on the couch watching Bones the fall into bed where David has dreams about Demons because he has been watching too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer while waiting for me to get home from work. David starts school next week, and maybe I'll have him do a weekly re-cap of what he learned. Except you would all be bored to tears by the third word. JUST KIDDING. Have I ever told you how he would talk about his MicroBiology class for an hour if I let him? Sick. I love him, but man, science is some dry stuff. (and maybe I don't understand what he is talking about so its even MORE boring for me, but still).

Anyways, lets go back to a time when we were more fun:

This is B, our friends son, who came over many months ago to make a THUNDER CAKE when it was storming outside. Can you see the lightning? Its there, man. We want to play with him more, because he is such a cool kid, but alas, we work a lot. But he is the coolest kid ever. He knows the Harry Potter books almost as well as me!

I am debating going to work out, or finishing cleaning the house, or going to Tuesday Morning and possibly buying new cutlery (if I can find any I like), tupperware, and other assorted things I don't really need, but I really really want.

Okay, I have to go do whatever I'm going to do, but I loves allll of you (cept the creepers!)

The End.


Brittan said...

my son is BASICALLY the cutest. and what you said about him made him blush AND grin. aw. we love you guys.

Net said...

I love that you like Tuesday Morning. It is my happy place.
I'd say we need to hang out, but I fear my complaining about pregnancy is even worse than a couple of microbiology lectures. Seriously.
Glad you like your job. Is Bones really that good? I keep hearing people say they're obsessed, but I just never got into it. But then, I never watched it consistently. Maybe that would help.