Monday, January 3, 2011


David looks insanely young and skinny in this picture. My hair looks awesome (1:00pm church = time for me to do my hair).

Can I just take a sec to tell you how dang much I love this man? Because I do. He wakes up early to help me do my morning "weigh ins", he thinks I'm pretty even when I'm chubby, and assures me that even if I am ever obese, he will still love me, just not want to have married time with me. Hahaha. He also works super hard at school and work, and puts dinner in the oven so we have something to eat when I get home late. He puts up with me being annoying and gets me stuff I could get myself (ie: we were both sitting on the couch last night, he got up and got me glass of water. he's just nice like that). He also pushes me to be a better version of myself and doesn't put up with my crap if it goes to far. He spends the night at work with me, even when he'd rather be at home and hearing him talk to little EB when he goes in to get her when she wakes up from naps makes my soul smile. Its adorable.

I feel so blessed that I get to spend 2011 with this man, and that alone will make it an awesome year.

The End.

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Stephanie J. Hoyt said...

Awwwww. You two are super cute :)
Sad we missed you over Christmas.