Monday, January 24, 2011


Out of that todo list below, this is what I got done:

Go to Costco.
Do 3/4 of the laundry
Clean 1/2 the house

Then yesterday, I cleaned the rest of the house.

I have yet to go to Target, or Aldi, or go perusing for Just Dance 2.


On the plus (SARCASM) side: the kindof-sick I've been for a the past 4 days has turned into a snot-induced blur of tea-drinking and laying on the couch watching an Amazing Wedding Cake marathon while EB plays on a blanket, or in her bouncer, all but abandoned by her poor, poor nanny. Actually, right now she is in the middle of taking a steller 2-going-on-3 hour nap induced by her 1) 2 bottom front teeth finally cutting thru after a week of screamy teething last week! and 2) refusal to take her mid-morning nap (which is fine, its time for her to outgrow it). The only down side to the job is the kindof lack of sick-days I get. I mean, I have 5 paid sick-days in my contract, but how I am supposed to call in sick when I know I am their only source of childcare and they have jobs with meetings and trips to different parts of the country and stuff to do? I would just feel bad. So EB gets a stuffed-nose nanny for the day. (If I had a fever and was worried its anything but a sinus infection, I would not come to work, ovbs)

The End.

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