Monday, January 31, 2011

So. . .

Not sure how to get out the word about new cakes other than this:
go check out

I am STILL sick. I actually took a sick day on Tuesday and went to the doctor and got meds - which have helped, but I am all mucous-y and its really really gross. Poor EB is really bad off in that way too. . .poor kid.

David and I are about the same. I spent this weekend with EB because her parents went to Houston for an 80's party - hence the cake. Everyone said it was great and I had a good time with EB, hanging out and watching movies and rolling over and going to the park! And enjoying the wonderful weather! I am not looking forward to this coldfront that is coming. BOOOO.

David started legit school this week. He thinks its going good and I think he needs to hurry up and get done already! We are already talking about what we are going to do when he graduates - maybe go live in a different country or something for a year while we get in grad school apps and crap. Who knows. Life is our playground!

We go to Disney World in a month and a half and we have started the scheduling-of-the-days complete with maps and timelines. I am SO.FREAKING.STOKED. Its gonna be a blast. And don't even get me started on the Harry Potter Theme Park. AJKL:DSUIGOM! SOOO EXCIITTEEEEEEDD!

On Saturday, whilst I was at work, the ward young women had a dessert auction and I gave them certificates for two future cakes . . . which they didn't use. Oh well, less work for me.. . . except I really want to make some more cakes, and will do it for my lovely blog-friends for super cheap (as in cost of materials), as long as you give me a little bit of freedom as far as design. Mostly, I just can't make cakes for no reason because I'm not eating sugar or flour (going on 20 days strong!) and David isn't 17 anymore and my parents say they don't need to be eating an entire cake once a week. So yeah, let me know if you want a cake!

Alright, time to like, work or something.

The End.

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