Saturday, February 5, 2011

Um, my kitchen is clean, HOW?

You guys, someday I am going to take a picture of what my kitchen looks like after I make a cake. Maybe then people wouldn't be so impressed by my mad skillz.

Speaking of cakes : And here is a picture for you lazy people who don't want to click over:

I think it might be my favoite cake yet! But to let you know about how it takes even me a while to get stuff right:

This week I got asked on Monday to make a cake for a wedding shower. I happily said yes - then it iced and snowed and I stayed over at work 2 nights in a row and finally got started on the cake on Friday, after David braved the mean streets of Dallas to go get me supplies. Anyways, I baked the cake yesterday, then frosted and filled them when we got home last night. I was up till 11 doing this . . . no not because it takes me 4 hours to frost and fill a cake, but because I decided to mess with a good thing!
So, I make my own fondant. And its awesome! I make it with marshmellows and it tastes good. But its not as "sturdy" as regular gross fondant, but I found a recipie that was supposed to taste good, but also harden the way normal fondant does. YES! So, after finding the specialty ingredients, I set about making it last night. First off, there was no way this recipie had the correct ratios - even after I kneaded it for 20 minutes (about four times as long as mine takes) it was SO crumbly! And so I added some more liquid (well, corn syrup and a bit more water) and it started to turn into the normal consisetency I was used to. So, I got it to work, and rolled it all out, and then started making the bow for the top of the cake. Oh my gosh. This fondant would NOT fold. It would NOT bend. It would NOT do anything without getting massive cracks in it! Now, this partially could be beacuse its so stinkin cold outside, but my normal fondant from today was just fine. So anyways, I spent probably an hour an a half of (wasted) time on this stupid stupid fondant because I was scared to use mine because I didn't think it would hold up and guess what! It held up just fine! And I didn't even roll it super thick! And now I'm mad at myself for not trying bows sooner, because they are totally adorable!

Congrats to whoever got thru that entire paragraph, as I'm sure NONE of you care about fondant even in the least!
So yeah,  I like making cakes.

In other news, cakes are expensive. Just the ingredients and supplies (cake boards and stuff) for this cake was $50 bucks! And it would have been $10 more dollars if I didn't have some leftover strawberry filling around from my cake last week! I never realized how expensive cakes were until I had to give people bills for ingredients (since thats what I charge people now!). I am SO not charging enough for my cakes.

Okay, I'm done.

The End.

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Net said...

You make your own fondant? I guess that would make sense financially and all. And if it tastes good, even better! Yeah, fondant is really pretty but tastes NASTY.
I do like the bows - the curling ribbon part is especially cool.
I'm glad you like doing cakes. I hope you keep doing them as your life gets busier. They look seriously awesome, but also like they take a seriously long time to make. It makes me think they are all the cool-er, but it also makes me tired to think about making it. Maybe that's why my poor kids are lucky if they get a cake mix in a pan.