Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi Friends,

I make pretty cool cakes, and really want to start making more - but the problem is that I am off of flour and sugar. . both of which are essential ingredients in cake! So, I need to make some cakes for friends! I will do it just for the cost of my materials, which I finally sat down and figured out down to the last cent, and are as follows:

Cake Mix (1) 1.25
Eggs (4) 0.4
Milk (.5 cup) 0.15
Oil (.5 cup) 0.45
Sour Cream (1 cup) 0.75
Pudding (1 package) 1.25
Vanilla (2 tsp) 0.1
Vanilla Cake Total 4.35
Chocolate (6 oz): 1.65
Chocolate Cake Total: 6.00

Buttercream Icing (1/2 recipe - enough for 1 box mix)
Butter (1 lbs) 2.5
Pow Sug (1/2 bag) 1.25
Vanilla (2 tsp) 0.1
Vanilla Buttercream Total 3.85
Coco Powder (1/2 cup) .85
Chocolate Buttercream Total: 4.70

Fondant (enough for 2 boxes, but even for a 1 box, its the minimum I make)
Vanilla 0.1
Pow Sug 2.5
Marshmallows 1.8
Coloring: .20
Fondant Total 4.8

Cake Rounds:
Every cake: 1.50 for bottom (If larger than 2 tiers, 5.00 because I have to buy a specially made one)
Per Layer: .50

Most cakes I do are 2 or 4 box cakes:

1 large tier (tall 10 inch, or normal 12 in) is 2 box
2 small tier (4 and 6 inch tiers or 6 and 8 (these will be skinny layers) ) is 2 box
2 large tiers (a 8 and 10, or 10 and 12) are 4 box

Total for a one-box (one tier) vanilla cake covered in fondant is 15.00. For chocolate its 17.50.
Total for a two-box (one tier) vanilla cake covered in fondant is 23.20. For chocolate its 28.20.
Total for four-box (two tier) vanilla cake covered in fondant is 44.90, For chocolate its 54.90.
For 2 box vanilla, 2 box chocolate (two tier - most popular) its 49.90.
Prices go up from there.
Fillings (strawberry, chocolate chiffon, fudge, ganache, Italian butter-cream) are extra (5-10 bucks depending on amount and flavor). Other flavors are priced differently (pumpkin cake, lemon cake, etc) because its different ingredients, but everyone LOVES the vanilla and chocolate cake. Seriously. Its the best cake ever.

Okay, now that that is over, please ask me to make a cake for your next event! I really am doing them for crazy cheap, considering I am charging you $0 for my hours of labor that go into each cake! And someday I am going to charge LOTS of money for my cakes and be rich and famous (hahaha) and then you'll be able to show people how one time, I made you a cake, and it was awesome.

This was a note posted on my facebook, but applies to all you friends too! :-) Let me make you a cake!

The End.

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Rachel Bendtsen said...

I would love a cake the next time I come home. Your cakes are absolutely AMAZING!!!!