Monday, February 14, 2011

Lust, Love and one Smokin' Hot Dude

So, yesterday evening I was over at friends house and we were talking about how you should never marry a person unless you want to rip their clothes off.
Because lust is very important in a marriage.

I lust my husband. I lust him real good. He is a very attractive man who has a really cute butt and who I like to kiss without abandon anytime I dang well please. Sometimes I look over at him in the car when we are driving somewhere and just get all hot and bothered because he is just the most gorgeous hunk of man I have ever seen. Ever.

I also love my husband. I love him with my entire soul. He is my best friend and we finish eachothers sentences - actually, we don't even have to start them most of the time. Our conversations go like this "remember -" "YES!" "that was - " "i know!". He is pretty much the best husband ever who puts up with the disaster that is my kitchen every weekend because he knows I'm doing something I love. His greatest aspiration in life is to make our life a happy one.

He is the hardest worker I know and trys to do well in school every day so that we can have the future we want. He works hard at work to provide for us, and then he comes home and cleans and helps cook and does our laundry. He is just a dreamboat and I am so glad that he is mine. 

Valentines Day isn't something we really go all out and celebrate in our relationship - mostly because our first Valentines day is marred by the fact that David had just broken up with me and my heart was smashed into a billion pieces. But today I just wanted to tell you guys how much I like my husband. He is just a good guy and a hot man and a smart dude and a wonderful wonderful person.

Right before our first Valentines Day at some dance or something. So young. So clueless that someday we would see eachother naked. 
Not so clueless on the naked part, but clueless on how hard and rewarding our marriage would be, 2 1/2 years in! (and no recent pictures because. .. we never take pics anymore!)

I just love him.

The End.  

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Brittan said...

so adorable.

your husband rules.