Tuesday, February 22, 2011

David's Birthday, a Smashed Phone and Sleeping at 6pm

Hey guys

David's birthday was on Friday, and we went to get sushi, which was the worst sushi we ever had, then we went and got gelato and THEN we went home and watched TV till it was time for sleep. I gave him 24 things done 24 times for turning 24. . . stuff like make his lunch, get off the computer, go to bed at the same time as him, make him breakfast, etc. So far he's been doing a good job with using it. We didn't get a single picture of the day because we suck. Sorry.

On Friday, I also dropped my phone in the NorthPark parking lot and shattered the screen. Awesome. It still worked, but I took it in yesterday and thank goodness for phone insurance! Its only going to be 35 to fix! WOOHOOO! But its gonna take like 2 weeks and I'm having to use my ghetto old phone. Also, I have no phone numbers. LAME. So text me if I was supposed to get ahold of you.

Um, Last night I went to bed at 6pm. I was really tired and had a headache and David needed to study anyways so I needed to not distract him so I just went to sleep. When David came to bed at like 9:30, I got up and ate some chicken and a V8 so I wouldn't wake up hungry, then went back to bed and slept all night long - except for when David stole the covers, which he did every 20 minutes, I swear. Silly husband.

Life is going well. As per tradition, I didn't make David a birthday cake . . . but there is a totally frosted cake sitting in the fridge that I MEANT to decorate but didn't get to. Maybe for his 25th I'll finally be a good wife and make him a cake. Oops. I am making a baby shower cake for next week, and then a pirate theme cake for soon after, so there will be some more activity on the blog. FUN!

Hope everyone is having a goooooooooood week with the awesome weather we are having!

The End.

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