Monday, February 28, 2011

Oy Boy

I am going to be good at sleep training my kids, because EB crying pretty much does nothing to me now, esp when its a tired cry like it is RIGHT NOW. She's so exhaused she fell asleep on a blanket whilst doing tummy time earlier (which has NEVER happened before) but now will NOT go to sleep. Poor bebe.

My wedding ring is REAL shiny b/c I finally cleaned it and I love love love it. Its my fav. I just wear my engagement band 90% of the time b/c when you add my wedding band, its just too much bling, plus my hands are kindof chubby and is looks a little redic. So yeah, yay for my pretty pretty ring.

I am making 2 cakes this week. Babyshower cake is frosted and in the fridge and ready for fondant, and tonight I will fondant it so tomorrow I just have to add the decorations. I will be baking the birthday pirate ship cake for this weekend today and tomorrow. AWESOME. Get excited. Maybe someday I will do a series of how I frost and fill cakes to make the layers reallll pretty. Someone was looking at my cakes last week and was like "Your layers are so EVEN!" and I was like. . yeah? And apparently its cool so maybe I'll show you.

I am really sleepy tired. When EB naps I want to nap!


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