Friday, March 4, 2011


So last night I played Volleyball for the first time in . . . . 10 years? Probably? And I am so so so so sore. I hurt all over. And I went to bed entirely too late b/c of said volleyball and stupidly getting on the computer then seeing a recently sent email then venting about it to a friend, so today I am feeling it. I was GOING to take a nap but SOME BABY decided to cut her morning nap short and ruin all my plans. UGH! Someone tell this kid that I am the boss, please! Haha.

New cake over at SAB cakes. The SAB now stands for Seriously Awesome Bakery. Yeah, I know, I'm so so so funny/adorable for coming up with that name. Thanks.

 Now we are going to go to the Mall for storytime (there is a library branch inside northpark!) and then come back and clean up the house for the weekend.

Hope everyone has a good friday!

The End.

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