Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I work a lot.
David is tired and stressed from school.
I had to take a month-long cake hiatus for the survival of our kitchen clean-ness and marriage happy-ness.
I am stressed from lack of cake-age (its my stress relief! Yes, I know that makes me odd)
I am also tired from said workage.

Our next vacation we are just going to sleep the whole time. We are still catching up from going going going at Disney the whole time.

I kindof want to go private in my blog so I can tell everyone whats going on, for real, no bars held. Thoughts?

The End.


Rik said...

If you went private, there's about a 99% change I wouldn't read it anymore. I use google reader and they can't do private blogs on it. Just a thought.

Aaron and Julie said...

if you need to vent your life you may call me any time you want. ;)

Dwayne said...
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Dwayne said...

Thinking about you. Love ya, Sarah