Sunday, April 10, 2011

I gotta get back to Hogwarts

We stood in line (this was a common theme here. There were lines for the STORES)

We looked adorable at the place that SHOULD HAVE BEEN our school.

WE DRANK BUTTERBEER! (I am drinking the really good one, the frozen version. Mmm. I want some NOW).

Harry Potter was awesome, but at the same time somewhat dissapointing. It was sick busy and so crowded that it was hard to enjoy the magic. But the magic was there! We got Wands, of which we still have no pictures with, and that was really my favorite part of the day. We read a ton of reviews before we went, so instead of wasting time in the "normal" line for the Harry Potter Ride, which was 2 1/2 hours long!!! We waited 30 minutes in the single rider line and David and I still got to ride together! The ride was really really great. We then did a "tour" of the castle so we got to see all the stuff that you get to see while waiting in the normal line. It was pretttty great. The other rides were lame-ish. I mean, Dueling Dragons (or whatever they rebranded it for Harry Potter) is a good roller-coaster, but had nothing on the "Forbidden Journey" (the actual Harry Potter ride in the castle). We went as soon as the park opened (to ride the big ride), and then again at the end of the day (when the lines went down a bit we went and had dinner and rode the other rides). The shops were great! But also croweded. And not as much cool stuff as I was expecting. And also insanely expensive - like 10 bucks for a chocolate frog! INSANE. After being at Disney, it was hard to go to a park so poorly designed for crowds and lines. They should have made the park WAY bigger. In fact, it should have been its own park. I know some people think Harry Potter is a fad, but those people are really really dumb and I hope that someone in England does this right and opens a legit park where they did the filming or something and do it for real. There are so many possibilites: Godric's Hollow, a full-size castle, Diagon Alley (with Gingotts!) and then Hogsmede! They could have each store be an actual store - they only sell robes at the robe store and only sell wands at Ollivanders and sell icecream at Florean Fortescue's, etc etc - and it would number one, make the stores way less croweded and number 2 give you something to do all day! Could you imagine shopping for "wizard supplies" or going into the broom store to look at the newest brooms on the market? Or going into the burrow and seeing all the rooms? Or going to platform 9 3/4 and getting on the Hogwarts Express? Its just sad, like the movies, that nothing will ever do the books justice unless it is made by the fans for the fans, not for money. :-(

Okay, my rant is over. But we had a really good time despite all the dissapointment. The food was awesome and it really did feel like Hogsmede! Yaay!

The End.

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