Thursday, April 14, 2011


life is getting crazy nuts awesome right now.

David is SO CLOSE to being done with his first semester of nursing school - he finally had his end-of-term review with his professor, and she said he is doing a great job and has the potential to be a phenomenal nurse, which I already knew, but it was nice for him to hear it from someone other than his wife. He got an A on his last exam, and only has his final left to do! He turned in his 60 page paper and guess what you guys? He cleaned the house! This is HUGE because he hasn't cleaned the house in like 2 months b/c he's been so stressed from school! YAAAAY! So he is definitly less stressed and just had to get thru the next 3 weeks and then he is done done done until the Fall! (until he has to take his Summer classes - but those are just history and math and stuff, not nursing)

We pay off our cars next month! Which is amazing! Yes, both of them! In less than a year! We are really really excited to be done with that so we can get started on paying off David's school loans and then saving for a massive vacation! We never took a honeymoon, so we are going to take a redic 5-year anniversary trip to somewhere awesome - like Southeast Asia or India or Russia. Or maybe South America. All we know is its going to be someplace we've (both) never been and its going to be for at least 10 days. WHATUP.

David goes to his friends wedding in Utah the last weekend of this month, so if anyone wants to see him while he is there, lemme know and I'll book him some time to hang out. He is just planning on doing whatever Saturday and Sunday, so really, he has tons of time to play. I wish I could go, but alas, we are poor b/c we are paying everything off! Which is the happiest kind of poor!

I have Jury Duty May 2! My first time ever! Haha. I'm kindof exited to see how fast I get eliminated b/c number 1, I'm Mormon and number 2, I have really strong opinions about stuff. We'll see.

I am trying to get back into reading. I miss it.

The End.

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Rachel Bendtsen said...

What types of books do you like? Congrats to David! 60 pages?!? that's crazy.