Monday, April 18, 2011


I've been waiting (3 weeks now) to write this until I knew exactly the timeline of what was happening, for fear that something would change and then someone would read something they weren't supposed to and everything would go to crap (this has happened before) but now that its official, I can tell you.

My last day with EB is going to be April 29.

I am really sad to be leaving her. Really sad. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love this baby. She's pretty much the cutest most fun baby of all time, but after a situation that couldn't be changed happened, the decision to leave was made and is best for everyone involved. It wasn't horrible, it wasn't really anyone's fault, it wasn't something that involved Emma, its just life and it happens and yeah. We live, we learn, and we change jobs when its needed.

We have so much fun all day, taking pictures and playing with blocks and trying to crawl and eating new foods and reading books. I know all the secrets to her smiles, and she knows how to melt my heart. I feel so blessed to know this special little girl and that I have gotten to be such a big part of her early development and growth.  I've seen her go from this little snuggly lump of a 1 month old baby to a loud, stubborn, adorable almost (on Weds!) 9 month old who gives out smiles and snuggles like nobody's business.

I really hope that her parents will call me to babysit and that I get to make the cake for her first b-day. This was such a good learning experience for me in so many ways, not only in what I want in a job in this profession, but in ways I want to raise my own baby some day. I hope to move forward from here with new knowledge and put that knowledge to good use. I am greatful that this was my first full-time nanny job, and that it is ending hopefully with no hurt feelings and no resentment, just a general concensus that this wasn't the best fit and we both needed to move on.

The next two weeks are gonna be rough - I've already almost cried twice today just thinking about how I won't be the one to get her up from her naps or rock her before them, or how she won't giggle when I blow under her chin, but when someone else does.  But I am going to make the most of the time I have left lovin' on this wonderful little girl. I hope her next Nanny loves her as much as I do. . . but with those cheeks,  and that uneven smile, how couldn't you?!

The End.

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