Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Self,

Stop not buying the shoes you really like when you find them on the sale rack at Nordstroms. You WILL regret not buying them. You have not bought new shoes in approx 3 years. You can afford a new pair. BUY THEM. You'll feel hot when you wear them.

Stop stressing about finding another job. You have an interview. You have an agency. You will be FINE. Also, you have money saved for if it takes a while. Just chill. It will all work out.

Start eating right again. You might not be showing higher numbers on the scale, but your body is showing lower numbers in the health department. Being stressed is no reason to eat an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Even if they are the best things ever.

Stop freaking out about redecorating. Get all your crap sorted out first. Speaking of your crap, be realistic about what you are going to use and what you aren't. Toss the stuff you aren't. . . you don't need it!

Make a freaking cake this weekend. You need it, you promised it, and you gotta stop the procrastination. Also, it will make you feel better.

Go buy yourself a pair of Khaki's. Spend more than 20 bucks on them. You have never owned a pair you like and its about dang time to grow up and buy a pair that look good and fit right.


The End

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