Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I got some Khaki's today! Capris AND pants! From Old Navy. And I got 20% off. And a free tote-bag which is adorable. And they make my butt look good! And they are Size 8! And I love them!

I am going to wear them to my interview tonight! Its a job I really want!

I am hoping that my use of ! exclamation points! will make me really excited because I am having a really sad day today because I just keep thinking about leaving EB and getting sad. But its whats for the best and I know it and I need to be happy! YAY! And this job really does sound great!

Its closer to my house (by 10 minutes!)
I will have a car to drive whilst I am at work (so I don't have to use my gas! YAY!)
It is 9 less hours a week and more money a week.
I would be done at 5! THAT IS SO EARLY!!!!
Its 2 girls: A 7 month old and a 3 year old (who has school 3x a week)
The Mom likes making lists. She will add things she has already done to lists to check them off. I like that. A lot.

I think it should go well. I just have to figure out what shirt I am going to wear. My only polo got stained and I'm not sure what else is viewed as "nanny-wear". We'll see. I hope I get it, mostly b/c I HATE looking for a job. And because it sounds awesome. And because it would make David stop freaking out about cashmoney. Guys, he freaks out about money a LOT. Even tho we don't even pay rent (we are actually going to start paying rent once I have a job lined up! Yay for contributing more and mooching less!) And our cars are one payment away from being paid off. And he has a job. And we have money saved. He's such a nerd. It makes me laugh that the guy who had $5 in his bank account on a regular basis now freaks out if we don't have two paychecks worth of money in our account at all times. Silly Husband.

I am cleaning out and organizing the kitchen cabinets. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER. Like, I started 2 weeks ago. And I'm halfway done. SUCKSVILLE. But I am putting new paper down and its pretty and I'm excited to paint and put up a backsplash and get new flooring and countertops and a dishwasher and eventually a new fridge and having the bestest, most organized kitchen EVER! YAAAY!

The End.

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