Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day Blues

Thanks to Jamie for the picture
So, today is my last day. 

EB is napping. My letter to the new nanny with blog and other random tidbits of knowledge is written. The dishes are done. The laundry is folded. The carseat is out the car. All my stuff is out of the house. I have nothing left to do but watch the Royal Wedding coverage and try not to be sad, waiting for my little buddy to wake up and play for one last time before I go home. I am not looking forward to my lonely drive home and my even lonelier night without David there to let me be sad on his shoulder (he is in Utah for a wedding). It sucks when the best thing for a situation is the thing you least want to do, but ya know, its life. 

I just love this baby and really do feel blessed that I got this much time to love on her! I am looking forward to keeping up with her and see he grow! I am excited for my future as a Nanny and to see what the next family I am with is like! 

The End.


Stephanie J. Hoyt said...

Ahhh, cutest picture ever! Of both ladies :)

So bummer...we were out of town this week (just got back to Utah last night) and missed David. So how bout both of you come see us soon, huh?

Brittan said...

you so pretty!!!!

good luck, sabs! i'm excited for you.