Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome Quote

"She's only gotten more lovely with age," says Henry, 81, of his wife Edith. "Neither one of us have the bodies we used to, but I love each wrinkle and stretch mark. They're a testament to the life we've shared together. I didn't fall in love with her because she looked like Ava Gardner (which she did); I fell in love with her because she was the sweetest girl in the world, and that hasn’t changed in over 50 years of marriage."

So excited that someday I'll have been married to David for 50 years! 

The End.


Net said...

okay, I know that movie -- what is it?!
so, so sweet.

Kelsey and Porter said...

love it. annnd, I bet our spouses say stuff like this about us when we're not around alll the time.