Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been One Week.....

.....Since I have officially been unemployed (they paid me for the entire week last week, even tho I only worked three days.)


That's as long as its gonna be! I start my new job on Monday!!!!!!!

Its a typical office-type job, 8-5 (or 8:30 to 5:30, I have to work that out on Monday), in a cubicle putting info into a computer, emailing people, and printing checks. Its an AP job (I THINK that stands for Accounts Payable, correct me if I'm wrong). The company manages HOA's so I will be dealing with people like landscapers, utility companies and the likes to make sure everything is paid on time and for the right amounts. 

My friend from Freshman Year at BYU actually got me the interview - its her old job (she got promoted) and I'm really excited to start! Mostly I'm excited b/c I'll actually be making as much as the Nanny Job I got fired from but for 10 less hours a week. I mean, its not like the best paying job in the entire universe, but its also not bad for me NOT having a degree and having NO experience. To put into perspective how much money I will be making in comparison to my FIRST Nanny Job, I am working 75% of what I was there for 120% of the weekly pay. :-) Per hour (we are talking the first 40 hours, not the overtime pay I got for hours 41+ as a Nanny, which is diff than my weekly pay averaged into the hours I worked), its a 82% raise. Basically, Nannies get paid nothing, even when they are paid okay!! RAWR.
AHEM. Anyways, I start Monday. And I am excited! I feel like a real-live-ADULT since I will be working in an OFFICE. Also, saying you work in an AP department for a company in Dallas sounds about a million times more legit than saying I am a Nanny. WHATUP.

Also: I had a garage sale this weekend. I smelled so bad afterward I almost died when I lifted my arm when I was getting into the shower. HELLO SUMMER IN TEXAS!

The End.


Net said...

Yay for the job! Yay for feeling like an adult! Boo that you can't pop over here any time now because you have to go to your job like an adult! :)

How'd ya make out on the garage sale? Worth the smelliness?

lor-uh said...

i know you can't really like a blog post like you can on facebook. but if that were possible, you would be receiving a big fat like/thumbs up icon from me riiigghhhtt about now.