Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekends are for... being tired.

So, yesterday I held the last of 2 garage sales for TwinMom's stuff that I organized right out of her house. Grand total that I made (the deal was I made half of whatever I made)? $350 and 2 bikes! I'm mostly excited about the 2 bikes part! We paid $50 for them, but really $100, since we didn't make any money off of them and we would have made half if we had sold them. They are super nice bikes and the one that will be mine needs a LITTLE bit of work, but David is going to take care of it and then we are going to ride some bikes! Its gonna be awesome. I also made some cash from selling my bro's girlfriend's furniture, but thats going directly towards a garage door opener for my garage door so I don't have to get in and out of the car so much and so the garage door can be locked instead of unlocked so I can open it! PLUS we are getting one of those keypad entry things which will be great! Yay for not getting locked out of the house!

David and I really want him to stop working on Saturday Mornings b/c I miss him too much. Soon, soon it will hopefully happen. He will for sure have it off in the fall, when he quits totally for school to start, but he's talked to his boss about finding a replacement now. I just want him to be home to help me work in the yard and clean the house and go to the Farmer's Market! Plus, he will still be doing Birthday Parties on Saturday afternoon/evening so I really do need Saturday Morning to spend with my one true love.

Ummmm David is ALMOST done with school for the Summer. 10 more days and he'll be DONE DONE DONE. Which means our house will be clean clean clean b/c he'll have time time time!

My job is going well. I like it and I think I'll be pretty good at it, if only I can learn everything! There is just so much to learn! And I'm starting to get a hang of a couple of my responsibilities but its gonna be a while before I learn ALL of them. But yeah. I'm having fun and its all good in the hood.

Sundays have turned into our Veg days. We will do nothing pretty much all day other than go to church. Thats the way I like it!

Please everyone: In 10 days when David is done with school: lets hang out!!!!!!!

The End.

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