Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Love Harry Potter

Q – Why the match-up between Molly and Bellatrix [in the final battle]?

JKR’s A – Molly is a very powerful witch. Anyone that could raise Fred and George must be powerful. But sometimes that fact gets lost because her skills — like magical cooking, which is much harder than it looks, as I tried to show in the tent scenes — don’t draw much attention. But I wanted to make the point that just because a woman dedicates her life to her family, doesn’t mean she’s not highly skilled and talented and powerful. And I liked the idea [o]f paring Bellatrix’s obsessive, disturbing love for Voldemort with Molly’s maternal love. The theme of maternal love, and how being loved gives you power, was important to me throughout the books.


Sally said...

That's a cool take on that. Thanks for sharing :) And i enjoyed catching up on your blog a bit!

Net said...

I think I even might feel a little better about myself right now. :)