Thursday, June 9, 2011


I got fired.

Basically, they thought I had too strong of a personality. Blah blah blah.

David said its because I'm just too awesome for them.

I say my life sucks. Remember how we were going to be rich? Well, at least not poor? No longer. We are going to live with my parents forever and never be able to pay rent or pay off our cars or anything. And I am going to start eating icecream every day and get fat. And I'll never find another job. And David will fail all his nursing classes b/c he has to work b/c his wife sucks at life.

WAAAAAAAAHHHHH. Pity party on Aisle 9.

The End.


Anonymous said...

If I had the statue... I would SO send it to you right now.

This too shall pass... but in the meantime.. eat some extra Bluebell for me!

You'll find something else fast, I just KNOW it.

Kylee Hillman said...

I hate people who don't understand your awesomeness!

siovhan said...

And God forbid their child learn awesome skills like standing up for itself, carrying on conversation, or how to be plain cool from someone who actually has a personality.

People are DUMB.

But you will find something soon -- I just know it.

Brittan said...


that... does not even make sense. wtf. i'm a little appalled. well, we can support each other on the job hunt!