Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm at work?!

And the laundry is the machine.
The dishwasher is unloaded.
The beds are made.
The house is picked up.
M  (3 1/2 year old) is at camp
and D (13 month old) is taking a nap. . . .

and now I have nothing to do until he wakes up! I'm sure next week I will start organizing stuff, but I don't even know where stuff goes enough to do it now! Haha.

I was really anxious all last week and this weekend about starting. I mean, this job is WAY more intense than my last one - 2 kids, a bit more around the house stuff, more activites scheduled, but overall - thusfar - I am holding my own. I am running around a lot - and their house is two stories - and when both the kids are home and awake (about 4 hours a day-ish, on my long days) its insanity as far as making sure no one gets hurt or eats something off the floor - but I like it! I think this is more realistic of what it will be like when I have kids. I mean, my last job was realisitc about what it will be like to be a new mom of just one baby, but this job is turning out to be fun. Once again, this is two days in and after 2 months I could totally be ready to throw in the towel! :-)

I am also reallly excited that I get off at 4 two days a week! It gives me time for the bank and oil changes and making good dinners twice a week (more than rice, veg, meat- done) all the stuff I could never do with getting off at 6 every night before!

AND that not only was Dr.Mom on TIME yesterday, she was EARLY! And when she got home, she told me I could leave!!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE at my other job. Its a huge blessing b/c it was my number one pet peeve before, and here it won't be. YAAAAYYYYY!

ANND I have time to myself. That was really what I was the most scared about, lets be honest. I was scared that I was literally going to be working for 11 hours - no time to sit, no time to eat, no time to breathe - but its not true! I have time to do all three! Naps are the best. thing. ever. Right now I even feel bad that I'm not doing something but I literally have everything done! And I checked all my online stuff and now I think I'm going to go make sure the puzzles are all organized or something. I dunno. I just am feeling okay. And I am feeling like I can do this. And I'm feeling like the world is happy and bright! :-)

Hope everyone is having a good first week of SUMMER!

The End.


Dwayne said...

Sabrina, Im so excited that is is going ok and you are feeling good about things. Maybe it will be the perfect fit:-)

Net said...

Awesome. Soooo glad for you that you've found a good fit (thus far). It makes all the difference in the world. Hooray!