Saturday, June 4, 2011

Awesome Things

- Taking a bath when your legs are already shaved. Is there any better feeling than that, other than sliding into freshly laundered sheets with freshly shaved legs? I submit there is not!

- I have my fondant time (meaning making, coloring and putting it on the cake) for a two tier cake to under an hour. This, of course, doesn't include extra detail work, but its pretty dang good, at least for me, who is a perfectionist in the worst way when it comes to my cakes.

- We got a Sam's Club card today! David's long lived 18th birthday present Costco Card is being cancelled at the end of next month, so the parentals let us add onto their Sam's membership. While they didn't have Tillamook cheddar baby loaves, which is the item we most get at Costco, they did have a Tillamook colby jack baby loaf, so its all good in the hood. We spent way too much money, but we now have real groceries! (we've been living off 5 minute trips to the store to "grab something for dinner" a couple times a week for like a month). Sadly, Sam's does not have David beloved Fruit Leather, so we shall be bribing friends to procure it for us.

- My new job starts Monday! Trying to get pumped about it. Its gonna be hard to wake up at 6 everyday - haven't done that early since Seminary!

- In the next 3 months our intrest-bearing debt will all be paid off (how many times have I said that before? a million? this time its true, swear) and we are buying a new computer AND a new mattress. Once I get a dishwasher, my life will be complete.

- David is done with his History class! Just English and Stats left and then he has the end of July and most of August to relax before school starts!

- Someday, my blog won't be boring. :-(

The End.

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