Friday, June 3, 2011


Last night was the worst nights sleep I think either of us had ever had.
It started with us going to bed around 11- about an hour after our bedtime - because we went out to dinner with my bro bro for his bday. So, we go to bed, and then probably around 1:30 or 2 David has a really terrible bad dream about a possessed Satan child. So he wakes up terrified and snuggles me, waking me up, because he's freaking out. I am in no mood to be woken up so I kindof push him off me and roll over and fall back into a light sleep. Probably an hour later, the hysteria starts. You have to remember that David is freaked out by his demon dream and is JUST starting to calm down. When all of a sudden, I sit straight up in bed and start screaming incoherently.
A cockroach had just dropped onto my head.
You know that moment of sleep when something happens to your body and you aren't sure if its in your dream or in real life but your body is like, freaking out to make sure you know that no, this is real, wake the crap up! Well, that moment was terrifying for me, and even more terrifying for David, who now thinks that I am possessed and starts screaming as well. So he gets a hold of me, and I am screaming, and he is screaming and we are both screaming at eachother and I am trying to get the HECK off the bed, where I know there is a creepy crawly thing and David like, thinks I am going to kill him or something, and when he can finally form words, he starts yelling "What? What? What? What?" and that like, snapped me back and I was like "Something dropped onto my head! It was on my head!" and he thought I was still crazy possessed until we both get out of bed enough to find the offending bug snuggled up in our sheets. And we are both like, trembling from fear and he tells me to go get a papertowel so I do and he kills the bug. That dropped on my head. At three in the morning.
We both were like, freaking out. Like, David went and flushed the bug and came back into the bedroom and gave me a hug and we were both just trembling.
And then we watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb to stop our freak out. We didn't get back to sleep till around 4.
So yeah, thats to story of the worst night of all time.
The End.


Rik said...

I was just laughing SO hard!! I hate moments like these!

Net said...

I'm just impressed that neither of you slapped the other person. Really. Cockroach on the head and possessed demon child? Um, yeah. More than one person would have gotten a good clocking at our house.

Dwayne said...

ok I was laughing when David told me about this but then when I just read it again I was dying:-) Love yall, hope you get to sleep good tonight

Brittan said...

oh sabrina, that sounds awful but - i'm sorry - it was just so hilarious to read about! i lol'd hardcore.