Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot & Sweaty

Our days of true to life rent free living are over. My mother has decided that we each have to work 2 hours a week in the yard, in addition to our paying half the utilities starting in June, which is today. It was a good 17 months, but we are feeling good about actually contributing rather than being lazy bums who mooch off our parentals.

Sadly, Mom has also decided that we don't get to steal food out of their fridge anymore either - which means that we went to bed Monday with no dinner b/c I was too lazy to make anything. :-( I'm a terrible wife.

Today, for our two hours, we stripped all the little new-growth leaves and branches off the trees. There is still more to do, but David gets to do it next week since I start work on Monday! WEEEEE!! I am, of course, going to help in the yard, but since I leave for work at 6:30, I can't really do it before I go and by the time I get back its hot as all get out, so the brunt of it is going to fall to my lovely husband for at least the next few weeks while I get acclimated to waking up at 6 or earlier. Such a good Husband I have.

As soon as I finish this blog post, we are going to eat breakfast, finish our deep clean of the house and finish taping everything. Then I have to go for a half-day of on the job training with the kids current Nanny! I am going to finish painting tomorrow when its David's long day at work and I am home all alone all night. Party!

I am excited to start working - not just for the cash monies - which will be nice - but for the something to do during the day. I have gotten preeeety lazy on my days off and its driving me (and David) crazzzyyyy.

Our friend Kyle is coming to visit at the end of July and we are So! Excited! We are going to show her everything D/FW has to offer - such as the Rodeo and maybe a baseball game and all the JFK stuff and maybe have dessert in the Ball and drive by the Cowboys stadium and Six Flags (there is NO WAY I could be paid enough money to go there in July, Sorry Kyle) and go swimming! Its going to be an intensely packed weekend and we want to send her away far more tired than she came! :-)

I love David even when he yells at me to get off the computer.

The End.

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