Friday, May 27, 2011

Oooooh boy

So, I have little to no motivation to finish all the stuff on my todo list. Which means the kitchen is STILL needing the rest of the paint done (behind and above the fridge, and the backsplash, which I wasn't going to paint but then we decided I should) and the bathroom is half-taped waiting for the other half for me to start painting. Ooops. I also need to float and mud the walls before my Dad can come in and do texture. . . and then I have to paint some more. Its just all such a pain. Why did I want to do this again? Blerg. I have to finish (base coat painting and mudding) by the 4th. RAWR.

We are going to the Drive-In movies tonight. Should be fun. I am going to go to Walmart today to get those new OFF mosquito things that you wear and then I'm also putting on repellent b/c I get eaten alive always. And I'm sick of it.

I start my new job on the 6th. I am going this Sunday Morning to hang out with Dr.Mom so she can show me around the places they go and I can hang with the kids some, then next week I am doing 2 half days with their current Nanny to get to know the routine and stuff. Then full-time on the 6th. Shabang. I'm excited, but not excited. Being unemployed is awesome. I told David he needs to hurry the crap up and get a real job so I can at least be less-employed! :-) I'm not allowed to be REALLY unemployed until I am pregnant/have had a child. Sad, right? But, its in the marriage contract so I can't change it.

My blog posts are getting really boring. I'm sorry guys. I just need to like, take pictures more often. But really, our life is just kindof boring. And I love it that way. I love that we are in bed early and that we watch an episode of stupid TV before bed (not IN bed. No TV in the bedroom, as per the marriage contract). I love that we are doing the dishes every night. I love that we are trying to keep our house clean. I love that we just don't go out b/c we are trying to save money. I love it. Because its real and its us and its wonderful. We hang out with eachother every night, and just eachother, because we LIKE eachother. I think thats a great thing. I think its something that a lot of couple are missing and something I have taken for granted. I love my husband, he loves me, and even when we are doing really boring things, we are still in love. And when we get to the part of our life where we will be doing really exciting things, we will love eachother then too. But for now, this is us, its great, and I wouldn't trade our childless, boring existence for anything in the world.

The End.

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