Saturday, May 21, 2011

Headlines explained

A New Job For Sabrina
I got a job you guys! I interviewd for it a couple of weeks ago, and they checked my refrences and I found out for sure yesterday! Its about 3 less hours a week than my old job, and I get paid a lot (to me) more. It starts at 7, but I get off at 4 on Tues/Thrus! Its gonna be awesome - its for two boys - M & D. M is 4 and D is 1. . I think. If I am remembering right (I've only met this once thusly). The parents are both doctors! So they work crazy long hours, but they just graduated school last year so thier schedules should calm down in the next year or so. Its right by the Dallas Temple and I'm thinking of maybe being a temple worker on one of my early nights - I'll give it the Summer to see what its like and if I can handle everything. I really wanted a job with less hours - but the early days and all the other perks make up for it. Plus, I'm making MORE than I wanted to make, which means. . . duh duh duh.... MORE SHOES! YAAAAY!

Paint - What a difference no flowers on the walls makes!
I am still working on this one - I have made no progress since last posting, b/c I have been babysitting my face off. This weekend (starting Weds) we have been babysitting for some friends who went to Vegas for the weekend. I never want kids. Even tho these are the best kids ever, they are a lot of work. David watched them all alone last night and I went and did a job in Dallas. Then I'm organzing two days next week, and the rest of the week I have to finish my to-do list, which means finishing the base coat in the kitchen (only the backsplash and behind the fridge left!) and the bathroom. So once I finish that, I'll put some pictures up.

Words With Friends - Not so Friendly in the Allen House
We have been playing this a lot. Its beome a source of awesome, awesome contention. My mother whoops us soundly.

David Survives First Semester of Nursing School
He did it! And didn't die! And he is already halfway done with one of the 3 classes he is taking this Summer! I have such a smart boyfriend! :-)

Laundry on The Floor - The endless struggle of a husband on the brink
David has threated to divorce me until I learn how to pick up my stuff. I'M WORKING ON IT.

The Secret Life Of the American Sabrina
This show. The Secret Life of the American Teenager- its possibly the worst show on TV. But I love it. So much. Its terrible. And great. And I don't even have to watch it - I just listen to it while I am paiting or cleaning or cooking or baking and enjoy the horror.

How to Bake the WRONG Cake
I was supposed to make an Italian Cream Cake. I thought Coconut and went to German Chocolate cake. Why? I'm a retard. Luckily, I realized before I did anything other than bake the chocolate cake - so now I have extra chocolate cake in the freezer! WOOHOOOOO!

Working when unemployed AKA Screwing Over Your ToDo List.
I have been really busy! I really feel like I haven't got much of a break in while I've been not working, but its all good. I have really enjoyed all the differnt little jobs I'm picking up here and there and feel accomplished with all the stuff I've done around the house. I start my new job sometime next NEXT week, after memorial day, so I still have a FEW days to chill. But I'll most likely try to be productive b/c I need to get a move on with finishing my todolist! FORSERIOUS.

Finding the Perfect Nanny Job - What to look for, and when to run
My job is great- the parents work the hours that I am there and they are pretty much giving me whatever I want contract -wise. I knew from the very outset of applying from their profile. There are SO MANY crazy people on nanny websites.
Actual quotes from job postings:
DO NOT ask me about GAS reimbersment- If you don't want to drive to this job then you will not be hired(a vechicle is required for this position). Your pay is HOURLY/ or WEEKLY. not by the MILE. Do you ask for gas money to work at microsft, 7-eleven, or as an apartment manager? NO, you don't. I am not paying for the economy rise in gas prices directly to your wallet
Petite, thin women are not ideal- stature: must be able to lift and/or hold down 110 pounds. be able to deal with extreme emotional will be challenged. The money is real, the defiant child is STRONG. Be prepared and have a VERY calm outlook in the face of STRONG adversity. NO yelling(on your part) and be able to emotionally detach yourself to ensure a postive outcome when my very large 12 yr old throws a mighty tantrum. The 9 yr old is emotionally balanced and will help you!
(She wanted to pay less than $5 an hour - basically she wanted to get care for less than YMCA.)
Needless to say, yes, I lucked out, but I am also agast and what people think they can pay for someone to take care of their kids - and what working conditions they think people will work in. Its funny to me that people will pay less for someone to watch their kids than they pay for their carpayment each month. Or their cable TV. I mean, Daycare is there for a reason - not everyone can afford a Nanny - because Nannies need to make a LIVING WAGE from ONE FAMILY. . . which means not $5 an hour. There is no way I could live on $5 an hour unless I was working 100 hours a week, which is insane. People just don't get it. The reason daycares are cheaper is b/c each person has like 5-10 kids they are in charge of and yeah. If you want your kids to get Nanny care you have to pay Nanny prices.
I could rant about this forever, but the moral of the story is: Being a Nanny is a job just like any other job. Its hard. Its draining. And when people treat it like its a walk in the park on a sunny day and I should be THANKFUL that I'm ALLOWED to take care of their kids, its makes me want to start punching things. People. I chose this profession because I love kids, but that doesn't mean I will work for nothing. And people who DO take these jobs need a reality check - they are being taken advantage of! Okay. I'm done. I'll write more about this later, I'm sure.

Sleep Schedule - Nonexistant when you stay up too late blogging.
I have been doing better with this, actually, since I have to start waking up at 6 every morning for las new job.

Okay, gotta jet. A pants-less child just woke up from his nap.

The End.


Net said...

Oh, how I can relate on the nanny business! You speak the truth. I have the nightmare experiences to back it up. Man. We should talk.

Mar said...

ps. you referred to david as your boyfriend in this post.