Friday, May 13, 2011

So sorry.

Our life is boring.
I hath not job. I hath interviews. I'll let ya know how it goes.
I am working part-time organizing and babysitting and cakeing and also fixing up las apartment in my free time. We have been cleaning like crazzzzzzy. Everything is starting to take shape. Next week I'm going to finish painting (I started today, and have 95% of the kitchen done, just have to do the rest of it and the bathroom) the base coat on all the wallpaper before my dad comes in and sprays the texture so we can really paint everything the colors we want. Awesome. Even the white looks better than the wallpaper. We are working around the blues that are in here now, and just painting over all the wallpaper, because it is what is really dated about the house. Eventually we will replace the countertop and flooring and do a backsplash in the kitchen, but we have no cash for that right now. Paint is cheap and has a big impact. Woohoooo!
My to-do list is coming along nicely. We got a new bed set at the Dillard's outlet for 80 bucks for EVERYTHING (duvet cover, shams, quilt/blanket and 2 bedskirts (one to make into a valance for the windows) and a throw pillow!) and I love it with all my soul. Its so pretty! And I feel like an adult finally owning something for our bedroom not from Ikea. We just need to find some new sheets now, but no rush. We have sheets and I want really nice ones so we'll have to save up.
David is working more hours, which is good because guess what? We have no money because I'm not working. PARTY. Haha. Its all good. Last night I like freaked out and woke David up in the middle of the night because I HAVE NO JOB. And I made all the money. But the right job WILL come around and I have some cashflow in the meantime.
Okay, enough rambaling. I'mma jet.
The End.


Aaron and Julie said...

I want pictures of your construction progress to see how beautiful it all is now : )

Stephanie J. Hoyt said... of bed set and painting please?