Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Do List: Revisited

So, after being unemployed nigh-unto a week and a half, I have gotten very little, but very a lot done.

Today, for instance, I cleaned my car out. But that meant bringing everything from my car inside. Which means that now the house is full or crap from my car. Oops. And all this after David spent a kabillion hours making the living room nice and neat. I am the worst wife ever.

Last week I did a bit of Organizing For Pay for TwinMom (if you remember her from last summer). I am getting paid by the hour, then I get 50% of the profit from a garage sale we are going to hold with all the stuff we are decluttering. This means that the garage is now full of clothes and will accumulate still more stuff before it gets any better. Because I am doing it again this Saturday . . . . and this time I am taking on the kitchen and the play room, and you know I'm gonna get a lot of loot out of that!

My life has become a game of two steps forward one step back. I am getting stuff done. . . but its going slowly b/c every time I get something done it undoes something I already did. Blerg. I cleaned the kitchen counters HARDCORE today (took everything off and comet-ed them) . . . then made 2 cakes and the counter is now a mess again. Granted, it won't take very long to get it back to its pristine condition in the morning, when I am allowed to do dishes (David is in bed, and the door to our room doesn't close, therefore, no dishes for me at night) but its just annoying that something I JUST cleaned is already so messy. Like the car... messing up the living room... after David had cleaned it. But! Today he cleaned the bathroom and it will hopefully stay pretty clean. Other than my clothes being everywhere. . . .

This blog now has 30 followers! Hi friends! I am so glad you want to hear about my boring life.

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The End.

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