Monday, May 2, 2011

While I'm Unemployed:

To Do:

__Finish cleaning out and organizing kitchen cabinets
__Contact paper said kitchen cabinets
 X Pick out paint colors for kitchen
__Pick out flooring for kitchen
 X Pick out back splash for kitchen
__Build (or buy) and install shelves in closet for pants and stuff
__Change side table for the wonder-furniture that's in the closet now
 X Buy new pillows for our bedroom (somehow, I destroy the pillows)
 X Buy a new comforter that is lighter-weight for the summer
__Figure out if I want to re-do the layout of the furniture in the bedroom
__Clean all the baseboards
__Clean the fans
__Source fabric for the couch
__Figure out how much it'll cost to recover the couch
__Look for new pillows for the couch
 X Finish going through ALL the boxes in the attic
 X Find the duvet cover I want for the bedroom (but probably not buy it... we are pooor)
__Get dry cleaning done
__Do the hand wash stuff
__Container Store for new desk and kitchen (under sink stuff)
 X Go thru hair products and kull those not needed
__Task lighting for desk
__Art (change out)
__New Curtians

1 comment:

Net said...

so, does that mean I don't have to do stuff like that if I am employed? do my kids count as my employer? please?
:) good luck with it all. it looks like a list I could find lots of excuses to avoid...