Monday, August 1, 2011

Negative Nancy

So, I always think that on my blog I probably shouldn't vent about the negative stuff going on. At least, I've been trying to do so less as of late. David and I were talking in the car today about how much July SUCKED and I mentioned it was why I hadn't blogged in forever- because I would probably only be really negative. Well, he gave me permission, so here I go!

First off, on the 4th of July, a police officer gave us misinformation about where the fireworks in Las Colinas were being set off, which resulted in us getting lost and taking a really long walk with 6 of our friends and sitting really far away from the fireworks. I was FUMING mad. We had fun with the friends, but I am obsessed with fireworks and it was really disappointing to not be able to see them up close and personal. Stupid police officer.

Work was hellicous last week. The other girl in my dept was on (a very well deserved) vacay and I was up to my ears in work. I was overwhelmed and just felt like I was drowning a lil bit. Today was like a breath of fresh air - we went from having 180 emails when I got there to about 25 when I left today. Probably about 100 of those were left over from last week because I had no time to do them/do the research to get them finished. I am going to be SO GLAD when they hire the third person in our dept so that we can finally all have actual duties that are ours and that we don't have to be stressed and work thru lunches. I do like my job, tho. So thats a good thing.

Cakes - I have really been doing cupcakes out the wazoo - which is great! I love the money (cupcakes have a huge profit margin! Seriously, Sprinkles and the likes (cupcake-iries) are making SO MUCH money when they charge $4 a cupcake it makes my head swim.) But at the same time, cupcakes are zero percent challenging for me and its frustrating to want to do cakes, and keep getting asked to do freaking cupcakes. UGH CUPCAKESSS!! I've made over 20 dozen in the past 3 weeks. VOMIT.

Car- David's car need some serious work on it - work we can't afford and won't do because the car isn't worth that much to begin with. So now we are stressed about it breaking down before we are ready for it to. At least we didn't spend a ton of money on it - but its annoying that we sold Betty White b/c it had transmission problems only to get ANOTHER car with transmission problems. We spent 500 bucks for them to tell us it needs 2500 worth of work - which ain't gonna happen. We are just hoping that if he doesn't drive it TOO much, it will last another year. In the fall, he will be taking the train mostly everywhere, and we have decided that when he works, he will just drop me off, then go to work, then pick me up so he doesn't have to drive his car. Its all just a huge bummer.

Speaking of the Fall, the Dean of David's nursing program is insane. Basically, this is what happened: A girl's cellphone went off during their orientation and the Dean decided it would be a good idea to punish the entire class of students by not telling them any information about anything - not when their orientations are for their hospital clinicals not when their classes conflict with said clinicals, not anything about anything. So pretty much David has no idea what is really going on in 3 weeks when he starts school. AWESOME. Thanks Dean Crazylady.

David has been having a rough time at work too - they still haven't hired someone to replace him during the week and they aren't being firm about giving him the setup job (he would clean and move the equipment in the gyms every other week - which would be the IDEAL job for when he is in school)  and he is just slightly frustrated at the way everything is being handled at the moment. He's just stressed that he is going to feel obligated to work even after his quit date b/c they won't have anyone else. I told him to tell them to suck it. Boyfriend has to do good in his classes this fall and he doesn't need to be working 3 days a week!

Other than that, family stuff has been stressing us out - my Mom is having 2 surgery's in the next month and my brother has something wrong with his bloodwork that is concerning (like three times the normal amount. maybe his cholesterol? I don't remember. Something thats badnewsbears and the doctors did the bloodwork twice b/c they thought it had to be wrong b/c it was so high). And David's family is coming in a couple of weeks and we are taking family pictures which is stressful b/c its trying to get 16 people to look nice at one time in one place.

Other than that, stuff like money and church callings are also stressful and not having enough time to sleep is also an issue. Neither of us can remember what its like to not feel exhausted. The good news is our friend Kylee is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to do all kinds of fun stuff! Rangers game, roadtrip to Austin, TALLY HALL concert, BBQ, Burgers, Mexican food, JFK, Books and Ft. Worth lovin. I'm taking next Monday off work (which also happens to be our 3 year anniversary!) and I vote that August be a good month just as much as July was a sucky one. YAY!

The End.

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