Saturday, August 20, 2011

The one about us being married 3 years.

First off, let me start by saying yes, I did lose some weight. Thanks for noticing! I'm still trying to lose more, but that dress is one I wore in high school! (um, no, I didn't have to have David upzip it on the way home from dinner b/c I ate too much and it was maybe a little too tight! whatever makes you think that?) Also, those shoes are SO AWESOME. They are sexy as all get out AND they are comfy! I want to kiss them. Thanks Nordstrom Rack for making all my shoe dreams come true.

 Anyways, let me tell you all about being married to this man, in this picture here. The one who is wearing a jacket that belonged to a 80 year old cowboy before he claimed it as his own.

He puts up with my obsession for these stupid sunglasses, that I got for $1 in Utah and I wear with inappropriate outfits (meaning the glasses are inappropriate, not the outfits!) 

He smirks in pictures, because he likes to pretend that he is cooler than me and my $1 sunglasses. Whatever dude, yours were just $2.50! Don't try to be a baller!

He smiles with everything he's got. He cracks up when I sing "penguins in pajamas" during "The Circle of Life" (thats totally what it says) and he sings so loud he might have burst my eardrums last time "A Whole New World" came on the shuffle on my iPod. 

He puts up with being a total narcissist and looking into the mirror at my shiny hair for MINUTES on end. 

And he doesn't hate on the fact that between two pictures, I look like I gain 20 pounds (um, its because I did. The food at the Crescent Club was redic, man.)

All in all, I just want to say that I love my Husband! I love that he puts up with me and has done it well for 3 whole years!

The End.


Brittan said...

all i have to say is...


just kidding, you're not. but dang dawg, 3 years. that's crazy. congrats to the both a ya!

you look so pretty with your shiny hair and your svelteness. sexay.

lor-uh said...

my very favorite part of this post was, whatever dude yours were only $2.50.