Thursday, September 1, 2011

The one about inappropriate Blog Posts

and how the reason I don't post a lot is because pretty much everything I want to say in here is totally inappropriate.

Like a conversation we just had. . . about . . . well, I can't even say it because its INAPPROPRIATE.

If only the people at church knew what was said in the inter sactum of our home, we would neither have the callings we have now. I AM NOT A GOOD INFLUENCE TO YOUNG TEENAGE GIRLS!!!

On Sunday, I told them Twilight was Porn. I think I made a couple of the leaders die a little bit. It was awesome.

David just told me he is only SLIGHTLY more worried about sweating when he is riding his bike tomorrow than getting hit by a car because he has no reflectors.

Also, here is a good story. One time, I woke up at 5. It was terrible. The end.



Kylee Hillman said...

your inappropriateness is the reason that you and I are able to be such good friends. thank you for being inappropriate!

Havalah said...

its the truth, twilight is porn

Jennifer & Jesus Miguel said...

I have a lot of inappropriate thoughts ALL the time. Yep. It's why we all became friends. But I have to admit, my mind became more polluted after meeting you. Don't worry, I'll forgive you! ;-)