Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kyle comes to the Lone Star State

So, this all happened almost two months ago, but I'm just now blogging it . . . sorry!

On Kyle's first night in Tejas, we went to Trail Dust! It was fun, but they changed the menu and the steaks aren't as awesome as they used to be. :-( But! The slide was still AWESOM!!!

Kyle's second day in Texas was her and David's day-date. Yupp, think Utah Prom. They pretty much were redic all day and you would think I would be jelous of a girl this pretty but nope, I love Kyle and want her to come spend a day with my husband EVERY WEEK (mostly b/c he's in a good mood when he has ANY human interaction. Boyfriend goes to the grocery store to talk to people during the day!). Anyways, they did a JFK morning and there are pictures of them standing in the middle of the road where he was shot, but apparently I didn't upload those. OOPS.
This is where Kyle and David met. Well - not this EXACT location (seeing as they met in Utah, and this is the BABW at the Northpark Mall. . . ). They loved working here. . . most days.

This is the stack of books Kyle got at Half-Priced. She's a book-lover to the extreme and if you can't tell from the titles, she only likes good books, unlike me and my horrible/awesome addiction to juvinile chick-lit. She says she's going to come back JUST TO GO BACK to half-price. I told her she's welcome anytime!
After I got off work, we went to the Ranger's game! Here is me and David with Nolan Ryan, a true Texan hero. Kylee gained a new apprecation for Mr. Ryan during the weekend.
She also gained a new apperciation of Josh Hamilton's butt. Yupp, he's got one of the best in baseball. Its true.
This is the tree of us in our seats. We got some awesome deal where the $30 seats were like $8 bucks so it was great! Except the sun in our eyes for the first hour of the game. WHATEVER.
And this is us in front of the field! We are ADORABLE. Also, Kyle is obsessed with her shirt. It says "Chicks dig diamonds.:"
Ahhh this is the next morning. WE WENT TO AUSTIN. Yes, it deserves all caps. It was the great. This is when we were waiting in line for Franklin's BBQ, which was the best freaking meat I've ever had ever. Just thinking of it makes me want to drive there and wait in line 2 + hours again!
Here is kyle in front of the awesome aqua wall. She is a hipster, and that purse? The reason I just bought my little cross body-number (which will make an guest appearance e in a later blog!)
The three of us in front of the sign! WOOOO!!!
True freaking story, guys.
We pretty much destroyed a pound of brisket in like 5 seconds. IT WAS SO GOOD! The potato salad was so-so, but omg I didn't even care. See that big bottle? Thats the BBQ sauce I would sell my left ovary to have in my mouth every. single. day. It was the perfect blend of vinegar and sweet and spicy. Mmmmm.

Kyle with her sandwich. She enjoyed it immensely, or so she told us!
After BBQ, we went to the state capitol. Why? Because we COULD THAT'S WHY. Also, it was free. WOOOOHOOOO! This is kyle and I on a saddle. Wearing chaps. That might have been meant for small children but WHATEVER. Its public property and we DO WHAT WE WANT.

My love and me in front of the Capitoal building of the greatest state in the US of A!

We made Kyle sit on the floor to take this picture. She was wearing a skirt and had to ACT like a lady.

This is David and me in the middle of a fight. I have no idea what about now, but whatever. I was probably right. Anyways, the reason I put this picture up here is to highlight the fact that Kylee is an awesome friend b/c she not only puts up with our redic fights, but documents it on film (er... digital file) so that we can all laugh about it later.

Kyle's greatest wish was to see real-live armadillo. She was greatly saddened by the fact that neither me or David has ever seen one alive other than in the zoo. We have, however seen them on the side of the road. Dead. Oops. Sorry Kyle! At least you didn't see one in that state!

This is a picture of my boobs. .. JUST KIDDING. Its a picture of my TACO! From Torchy's! The best dang taco I've ever had. Also, my hair looks awesome. And the next two picutres are going to be framed with this one somewhere in our house.

I think this taco made David want to move to Austin. That, or make me make him more tacos! (Which I did! I made awesome fish tacos like 2 weeks ago! Yaay!)

And this taco actually DID make Kyle want to move to Austin. Yes. Its true. Kyle wants to be a true-blue Texan like the cool kids. She's pretty much the only Utahan whom we would allow to move here without massive amounts of making-fun-of-ness.

After tacos, we decided we had NOT had enough calories that day, so we went to this ice cream place. It, like all the other food we had, was awesome.
I had mexican vanilla, straight up, and the other two got crap mixed in. I won the flavor contest. No need to mess with something as good as mexican vanilla!
True story: We took this picture and didn't even realize how awesome the background was until later. I think Kyle's wants this tattooed on her body someplace.
The three of us under the bat bridge! Soon after this picture was taken, we realized what a massive error we had made in standing UNDER the bridge . . . where the bats were coming out of bed after a very long sleep. . . ie, had to go to the BATroom (HAHAHAHAH. GET IT?!?!?!). We moved to the side of the bridge and had much less crap falling on us. . . literally.

Kyle got this awesome pic of the bats pouring out. It really is insane. Everyone who lives in Tejas should see it at least once! (It was my second time). Its just insane how many bats fit under one bridge!

So, these are the pictures that are the real reason why we went to Austin! THE TALLY HALL CONCERT! Tally hall is one of my favoritest bands of all time and I've seen them live like 5 or 6 times now. Each time I'm just blown away by their musicality and just how TIGHT they are live. I've never heard any band (except maybe the mo-tab, and thats not a band!) do a 4 part harmony . . . IN TUNE. . . on a stage with a loud crowd and even louder instruments messing with their hearing. Anyways, I love them.

The three of us were tired from our long day of Austin-ing and so we sat on the floor. Pretty much everyone else followed suit. It was Kyle's idea, therefore Kyle is a trend-setter . . .like we didn't already know!

This is our High-Five over the fact that the stupid opening band that was HORRIBLE and made my ears almost bleed was over and T-Hall was about to start! Also, that we have Tally Hall shirts on! HIGHFIVE FOR CONCERT SHIRTS!
3/5 of my favorite men who I'm not married or related to. They wear ties and vests and pants that are probably a little too tight to be considered dressy. And they play the crap out of those things they are holding. It was an awesome night and I left feeling happy and warm, just like every time I see them in concert!

This was the next morning when we were leaving. It was approx 20 million degrees out and we were walking around trying to find someplace to eat brunch. We found this sign on the wall and took a picture. Then we at some delish brunch at a very hipster cafe and it was delish. And for some reason I didn't put a pic on here.

HOWEVER there is a pic of Kyle and her Wataburger cup! This was on Monday, when we did the Ft. Worth side of town. This was right after we went to the MONEY FACTORY. Yes, I did make my husband and kyle go with me on a tour that usually reserved for school children between the ages of 4-8. WHATEVER! The federal reserve money printing factory was awesome and we learned some very interesting facts! There are no pictures of the inside because THATS ILLEGAL, YA'LL!!!
However, it is not illegal to take a pic at the cattle drive. Yay long horns! Kyle isn't sure if she should be scared of their massive horns or excited that they are cows! Which she loves!
Here we all are, with the cows! Yaaaaaay cows! (I actually prefer my cows dead. . . on a bun. . . with cheese on top.)
See, we didn't even point this out! Kyle was so excited about N.Ryan that she took this all on her own!

We went to this "museum" to end our day in Ft. Worth. We were the only ones there and we learned little to nothing, but once again, it was FREE! (Did you know pretty much all museums are closed on Monday? It was a total bummer. So we went to the lame, still open on Mondays, ones).
Yes, we are dry goods!
This is us driving to the Parks mall to escape the heat, find an outfit for me for family pics, and see a movie.
And this is the last pic of the visit - Kyle's feet and David sitting and waiting for me to be done at the mall.

Overall, best weekend we had probably had all year. We love Kyle and are sad she lives all the freaking way in Utah! COME VISIT MORE.

The End.

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