Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember Remember

Hey friends!

David and I are hosting our first annual after-halloween party! It is November 5th and is going to be a wicked awesome time!


- Tis a couples only thing (but feel free to come with a date if you are single!)
- No Booze, just Boo's!
- Costume Required
- Controlled Potluck (Everyone gets a recipe to serve 10-12 of an appetizer or treat that way there is enough food for everyone and we don't have 5 of the same thing! Call or email me for yours if you don't see me normally!)
- Games are going to be really fun and really silly. Come with a sense of humor and willingness to feel dorky!
- No kids! Get a babysitter and come enjoy some hard-earned adult only time!

Let me know if you need any more info! Its gonna be crazy awesome and if you are one of my Pinterest friends I think you would know that! :-)

The End.

1 comment:

Havalah said...

I really want to come. Like really bad.