Friday, December 9, 2011

Lets be honest, here

If I were to make a list of my top 5 reasons to skip work, getting a pelvic and abominal ultrasound would not be on the list. And yet, that is where I will find myself Monday, during my (extended) lunch break.

Somehow, I'm kindof excited. About the pelvic one I mean. I have thought something was jacked with my ovaries for a long while now, and it will be nice to know for sure. Also, to know why I feel like I am being kicked/knifed in my girl parts from time to time.

The abdominal one is for this odd spot under my ribcage that is really painful and hard.... and not normal. Less excited about that one. Prob b/c its new and just showed up this week and I haven't had time to grow to be okay with it, like my junky ovaries. But I figure something like that, I shouldn't grow to be okay with. So, I went to the doctor and she took my blood and scheduled an ultrasound and now we get to see what happens from there. Luckily I already had my well-woman visit scheduled for Tuesday, so its all good in the hood (and I'll find out what there is to know then!)

The number one best reason for me to skip work is coming home on Monday! MY LAU WILL BE BACK! And I AM skipping work on Friday (WHAT?! I have PTO!) to hang out with her and catch up on her adventures across the pond!

The End.

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