Sunday, November 20, 2011


There are so many things going through my head. Most of which how I never feel good on my Birthday. Its like some kind of sick joke.
Yesterday was pretty good tho. This is how it went.
1. Wake up, finish making cupcakes.
2. Deliver said cupcakes to Allen. Have people want to take a picture with me and said cupcakes. Then get 5 extra bucks for said cupcakes b/c they are nice. HOLLA.
3. Go to the Allen Outlets. Good thing we got there early b/c it got SICK BUSY as the day went on. Got a TON of stuff at Gap & Banana Republic for SUPER CHEAP (hello $7 Banana White Pencil Skirt), and a few things at the Kitchen outlet store. David got a new pair of scrub pants at a uniform store and a new polo at Pacsun (b/c we are teenagers). Those were the only stores we went to and we CONQUERED them.
4. Eat lunch at Cheddars - because 7 years ago tomorrow (ie today- my birthday) will have been our 1st date, and thats where we went. Eat the Queso. B/c its delish.
5. Go to DSW. And Marshall's. And TJ Maxx. And have no luck finding shoes. :-(
6. Go to Ikea and buy David a new office chair (Last Chance for $30 instead of $60!!!) and me a drawer thing for all my cake stuff. Its awesome. I'll take a picture.
7. Hurry home, jump in the shower and get ready for the Youth Dance. Yes, you read that right. We totally chaperoned!
8. Go pick up Youths. Take them to the dance. Think about how they were cooler and had better music back in our day.
9. Take youths to Wataburger on the way home and split a shake and fries.
10. Come home and pass out.
11. Wake up EARLY b/c you have a massive Charly Horse in your calf from walking so much the day before and scream until it goes away. Have husband wish you happy birthday.
12. Stay home on said b-day b/c your tummy hurts and both calves hurt like a mother.

The End.

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