Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work Work Work


My job.

Sometimes it drives me nuts. Mostly just the office politics and the lack of us being able to hire anyone worth anything in my dept, meaning there is WAY too much work to do. But I really enjoy the actual work I do. A lot of it is boring (hi, printing checks for 15+ hours a week) but a lot of it is interesting and I enjoy researching and stuff. And when I'm doing the boring stuff I listen to my iPod or Dave Ramsey or NPR so its all good anyways.

So, I finally talked my boss into letting me be able to work on the terminal server, which means that I can work from home! I got all my access set up tonight - just in time for the system to be down for 2 hours for maintenance. Awesome. But I got my personal work email (we do most stuff through a dept system) cleaned out and now I have a game plan for tomorrow!

I was talking to my boss and the supervisor of the other dept she is over today about what kind of person it
takes to do my boss's job. The supervisor was talking about how she would NEVER want my boss's job and how she wasn't even sure she really liked being a supervisor that much. Its funny b/c I wouldn't mind having my boss's job. Not that I WANT her job or something, but I don't think I would mind having that kind of work pressure and expectations - I thrive when people need stuff done and need it done now and I thrive in being able to create new processes and organize and make things more productive. When I was younger (re: before I got married) I kindof wanted to be a company bigwig - and actually I went to a few youth leadership programs in high school. At one of these, my group all wrote cards to eachother and a few people said they saw me being CEO of a company someday. I wonder, if I hadn't gotten married, if that's what I would have done. I know that I could probably still do that now, but A) I don't like school and its going to be a Herculean effort for me to even finish the 15 or so credits left for my undergrad, let alone an MBA and B) I think raising my kids is going to be way more important than me having a job where I get to be the boss (which means working a kabillion hours). Its so odd to me that I went from this teenager who was really into power and doing things that would lead me to leadership positions to wanting to be a Mom who sits at home all day.

The past few weeks I have really wanted a baby - I know that right now isn't the right time for that, but the time is coming. I can feel it. Now now, this isn't going to happen anytime soon - my IUD is still in for almost 2 more years -  but its cool to know that someday, I will get to try to have a baby! And then, if I get pregnant, I can be a Mom! Cool, huh?

This has been a post that has been everywhere, huh?

Well, lets continue.

My tummy hurts right now. Well, more like my Uterus. Its been not playing nice lately and hurting. It happens from time to time - I guess its my penance for having no period (TMI? Oh well).

I really need to go to bed, but I have to make David a PB&H sammich first to take with him tomorrow at the hospital, and staying here on our blue couch typing is a lot easier than getting up and doing that.

We are super extra poor (this is the story of our life) which is really fun. I really enjoy having no money. And going to Home Depot to get tape and paper so we can finish textuturing the walls and get to painting - and looking at all the pretty flooring that I want to put in the kitchen here. But alas, countertops come before the floor and then the backsplash comes next, and probably a fridge before it, but the floor.... oh how I dream. Some day, far far in the future, David will have a real job.

Oh, speaking of David - he went and talked to a counselor at UTA today, and found out all about their bridge program for after he gets his RN (He will have an associatiates next Dec! After 6 years of school. . . . . hahah. poor kitten). He is really excited about it because he thought he had to take 5 more pre-recs but he only has to take 3! And the way the program works is you take one class at a time and each class is 5 weeks, and he can double up if he needs to to get it done sooner (but he prob won't do this) and its all online so it seems like its going to be pretty awesome! So about 2 years and 2 months from now, David will have his BSN! Which means he can apply to MORE School! :-) Seriously, by the time he graduates from whatever grad program he decides on, he will have been in school for like 9 1/2 years or something. He totally could have been a Doctor! Except we don't have to deal with residency or crap like that, so party at our house! Haha. Plus I really think he loves what he is doing and he is learning SO MUCH every day. I am so proud of him! He is making really good grades this semester and is studying his little face off. Him not working has sucked cash-wise, but been awesome in every other way.

I should probably update more often so I don't come and vomit all over a post, huh? Sorry guys.

If you've gotten this far, I'm impressed.

My Laaaura comes home in like a month! And will be home for 3 weeks or something! I'm super excited. When it gets closer, I am going to see if its feasible for me to take a day off work so we can hang out. I wish she didn't have to go to school all the way in Utah. Its so dumb that I was in Utah and she was in Texas and now its vice versa and I just miss her. And living in the same place. :-(

My Kels is also back in the crooked I for the time being and I like trying to make her fat. Its like the good ol days with Lau. When I used to buy her big macs on a regular basis. Except somehow Kels ends up making me go running instead. She's tricky like that.

I have done a few more cakes as of late, but am FAR too lazy to update them on the blog or on facebook. Sorry loyal fans, you will just have to wait! But I promise - it will be worth it. My best work is in the soon to be un-veiled cakes! :-)There is an owl, a square cake and lots of colors and flowers involved - oh! And Argyle! Yupp, pretty awesome if you ask me.

Also: in other news: My parents are going to Mexico for Thankgiving. We made them give us copies of their passports for in case they get kidnapped. Also, if they get kidnapped, they said don't give them any ransom money. So thats comforting, right? What a bunch of wierdos.

Okay, I am seriously going to bed.

Loves you guys!

The End.


lor-uh said...

1) i love you
2) i miss you
3) i am your biggest fan.

that is all.

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