Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On not knowing whats wrong

So, remember how I had that ultrasound? It found nothing. Nada. Everything is in normal limits and nothing looks fiesty. My spleen is a tad on the large side of normal, but thats probably just b/c my spleen is more awesome than that normal person's. Not even my ovaries, which I was SURE were jacked, were jacked.

And remember how I've been going to the doctor? She knows nothing about whats wrong with me.

I am going to a GI specialist and a lady-part specialist and hopefully someone will figure it out.

I am having back pain and side pain and stomach pain and last night I took a (prescribed) muscle relaxer, and that was fuuun. But I'm not supposed to take those when I don't want to sleep, and I'm not supposed to take IB during the day (or at all) so needless to say, my days are REALLY fun at work.

Uggggggh. I just want to feel gooooood.

The End.

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