Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is Lau. Lau is my bestie and I am sadder than life that she is never living in the same place as me! She is wearing a boy's t-shirt in the pic and is rockin it like only Lau can. She is the only person I know who is more sarcastic than me, and also the only person I know who can tell the same story over and over but I NEVER get tired of it. Because its that funny. My mom likes to listen to her and laugh at her. She also happens to have the BEST taste in music - except for her apparently dislike of Beyonce - and has introduced me to some of my fav bands. Even tho Lau is 4 years younger than me, I think a lot of times she is more mature than me.

I just miss her a lot these days. We hung out a ton during Christmas break, and going from that much Lau to no  Lau is making me sadfaced.

When we were in high school, Lau weighed like 97 pounds because she was a sickly little thing and I would take her to McDonalds and buy her Big Macs and when she hit 100 pounds (finally) we had a celebration. Now, it seems, Oreo's have taken my place as her weight-cheerleader and I'm kindof upset she no longer requires my help to gain weight. That was my JOB. And now, she, being all mature and grown up, can gain weight all by herself.

Lau is at BYU studying Theatre Education, and lemme tell you this: If I was one of her students, she would be my favorite teacher sheerly on the fact that she adds the word Bears to everything. Like SadBears. And GrumpyBears. And ..... ActingBears. RIGHT LAURA!?! (She gets really upset when I misuse Bears).

Anyways, she's my best friend and I'm obsessed with her probably more than a married, straight woman should be, but I have no regrets.

The End.

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lor-uh said...


2)I will never repeat this again, but it is still true: i love you more than both naps AND oreos and i vow that one day we will once again reside in the same city.

I LOVE YOU. end.