Sunday, January 29, 2012


Our scale broke (I actually think it just needs a new battery) and its probably a good thing b/c ya'll. . . . my fat pants won't button.

I bought a dress yesterday that I could most likely wear at 9 months pregnant. Even tho we aren't having kids for the next few years, I have decided to just start buying things that will fit me when I'm pregnant, so I don't have to buy anything then.

I stayed home from church because my back hurts SUPER bad. . .  but sometimes I wonder if people just think I'm a sinner!

Yesterday, I went to work. The water was off because they were doing some plumbing stuff. I was the only person in the building and I had to go potty in a BAD way. I'm not proud of the things I did. . . .

I went to Houston on Friday and I'm pretty sure that people were straight up suprised that I look the way I do. Apparently, I'm too much of a hardass to be 24 with blonde curly hair.

I am a bridesmaid AND making the cake for my friend Blyn's wedding in April and we have been given money to buy cute clothes. Guys. I am going to be the most homely person in every photograph.

I want more shoes. And starting on my 25th birthday, I am going to start buying them. (I figure if I give David 11 months to prep for it, he'll be okay with it when the time comes).

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Heather said...

You crack me up!

By the way, let's talk cute cake for Esther's birthday next month. I'll be huge-o pregnant and she would love a beautiful cake!